KIS Haircare UK
Brochure Design, Print Management

KIS Haircare UK has its HQ at The Academy in Lymington, Hampshire. KIS sought to increase their visibility among UK salon owners and spark interest in their range of products.

To accomplish this, they commissioned Tinstar Design to develop a visually striking brochure designed to captivate its target audience, effectively communicate product information, emphasise its environmentally friendly approach and promote the educational programs offered at the The Academy.

The hair care industry in the UK is highly competitive, with numerous products vying for attention. To stand out, the brochure needed to be eye-catching, compelling, and deliver a clear message about the unique KIS products and services. Tinstar Design worked closely with KIS Haircare UK to develop a brochure that would effectively differentiate the brand from its competitors.

We drew inspiration from the existing KIS marketing material, incorporating the brand’s distinctive colours and an existing range of high quality photography into the brochure. By assimilating these elements, the resulting brochure maintained consistency with KIS Haircare UK’s established image, whilst conveying an exciting new look.

In addition to product promotion, the brochure served as a platform to showcase the educational programs offered by the KIS Haircare UK Academy, located in Lymington. By collaborating with Tinstar, KIS Haircare UK successfully created a compelling brochure design that not only raised brand awareness but also showcased its range of eco-friendly hair care products and educational programs.

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