The Oracle Partnership
Website Design

Graphic designers often like to think of themselves as terribly clever. But our over-inflated egos had to take a walk to the back of the bus when we met the phenomenal minds behind The Oracle Partnership.

In essence, The Oracle Partnership is a platform for great writing about the future; agenda-setting foresight articles that are well researched enough to bet money on. And this is what businesses around the world actually do – it is superb foresight articles such as these that help business leaders and politicians plan for the future, whatever it may hold.

It’s a real challenge to create any document online or offline that is made up almost exclusively of typography. It’s a purist designer’s dream, in fact – and we loved every minute.

There were some real back-end challenges to overcome as well – the site offers member-only access and is capable of creating annual, auto-renewing subscription payments from its readers.

An absolute pleasure to work on from start to finish.

The Oracle Partnership branding

Initial Rough Visuals For The Oracle Partnership Website

initial rough visuals for The Oracle Partnership website home page. Everything starts with a blank sheet of paper - usually scrap.

The Oracle Partnership Agenda Setting Foresight

Oracle Partnership Membership Website Design

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