Graphic Design Services

Do your company’s printed stationery, corporate literature and advertising tools all reflect the same brand image? Are you confident that they convey a consistent, professional, informative message?

A business needs to develop the right image for its audience. In order to achieve consistency, every item of marketing material, from a business card to a brochure, should reflect the same company. That’s where Tinstar Design comes in.

Image is everything

Tinstar can help your business achieve the quality and consistency of design that it needs in order to grow, and to attract the right clients. When it comes to marketing, image is everything. A potential customer will always be more impressed by a professionally designed and presented advertisement than one knocked up by the local paper. That’s what can make the difference between getting a phone call and getting nowhere.

We will work with you to completely re-design your corporate identity – or incorporate existing logos and styles into new company literature. Whether your project requires a new logo, stationery, a brochure or a complete range of marketing material, we offer an intelligent, considered approach to graphic design, with your clients in mind.

Our clients range from small local businesses to large national firms – so no project is either too small or too large.

It all starts with a blank sheet

Each design project begins with a blank sheet of paper, because every one of our clients has different requirements. We start every assignment by putting ourselves in the position of your potential customers in order to develop visual messages that actually work. To see how some of these projects turned out, please browse through a selection of work from our graphic design portfolio.

Not sure where to begin? Want to know how much it’ll cost? Just give us a call on 01590 679490 and we’ll answer all your questions – or click a service to find a simple briefing form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Logo Design Services

Logo Design

We take into consideration your company’s USP, its prospective clients and any preferences you may have before getting to work on a unique and memorable logo design that you’ll keep for years. We're confident that you’ll be delighted with the results.

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Stationery Design Services

Stationery Design

The traditional letterhead is a real opportunity in itself to keep your business in front of the eyes (and in the minds) of your customers. It takes a little more effort to send a letter that bang out another e-mail, but an e-mail is instantly filed and forgotten.

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Brochure Design Services

Brochure Design

Brochures are back in a big way - companies recognise that their website is just one arrow in their marketing quiver and not a replacement for the traditional company brochure. Businesses that hand out beautifully designed and printed brochures stand out from the crowd.

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Leaflet Design Services

Leaflet Design

Whatever you need a leaflet design for, it should have a specific purpose in order to get the best return on your investment. Whether its primary purpose is informative, persuasive or instructive, it should elicit a clear call to action.

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Advert Design

Advert Design

Allowing the content of an advert to breathe makes the resulting ad more appealing, easier to read and more memorable - particularly if it’s surrounded by other busy adverts stuffed full of content. Appropriate use of ‘white space’ enables a reader to see the wood, regardless of the trees.

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Exhibition Graphics Design Services

Exhibition Graphics Design

If your business needs to get out into the world and wow potential customers, at some point you’ll find yourselves at a trade show or exhibition. But exhibitions aren’t the only reason we create graphics - we are experienced in everything from vehicle liveries and window posters to pitch side boards.

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