Simrad Yachting
Ad Design, Website Design

Simrad Yachting (UK) is a subsidiary of Navico Marine Electronics, based in Hampshire. Having worked with a number of marine electronics brands such as SILVA, Lowrance and Eagle, Tinstar was well placed to take on a variety of design projects for Simrad.

Amongst the various ad designs that we worked on, the ‘Touch Simpler’ campaign was the most successful. Created for Simrad upon the launch of the company’s new range of touch-sensitive, easy to use chartplotters, Tinstar was responsible for the concept and design of the advertisement, as well as the subsequently trademarked strapline ‘Touch Sensible Technology’.

The client’s new range of chartplotters were much easier to use and more intuitive than previous versions (and those of the competition). The fact that they also featured touch-screen functionality had to be made clear in any advertising. A number of straplines were created, the two above making it to the final cut.

In addition to advertisement and catalogue design, Tinstar was also commissioned by Navico to develop graphical templates for the new Simrad Yachting global website. Once the visuals were complete, the Navico web developers integrated them into a content managed framework.


A Touch Simpler rough ad concepts for Simrad Yachting

A Touch Simpler rough ad concepts for Simrad Yachting

A Touch Simpler ad design for Simray Yachting

Simrad Yachting website design

Simrad Yachting website design final visuals

Simrad Yachting product page

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