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Tinstar Design is a small, reliable, creative graphic and website design studio based in the centre of Lymington, Hampshire – probably the best Georgian sailing town to be found due south of the New Forest National Park.

Founded in 1997, Tinstar took a small group of clients, nurtured and cared for them and, in doing so, developed a solid reputation for creativity, imagination and trustworthiness – as well as a much bigger client list.

Graphic Design, Website Design and Brand Development

Nick Beresford-Davies

Owner and Creative Director, Nick Beresford-Davies, first worked in the creative industry in 1988 as a paste-up-artist, hand-making pages for the free classified paper, Friday Ad in Uckfield, East Sussex. Working at a drawing board with nothing but Cow Gum, a scalpel and a fully staffed darkroom at his disposal, Nick was hooked from Day One.

Plum Creative

Fast forward six years. One History degree and several interesting decisions later, Nick began work with Plum Creative, a New Forest graphic design and book packaging studio. Whilst with Plum, Nick’s graphic design arsenal was complemented by the opportunity to delve into the brand spanking new world of website design.

Plum Creative spinning logoPlum CreativeThis actually happened

The first attempts at website design were absolutely shocking. But let’s face it, so were everyone else’s. The technology was new, HTML in its infancy and the browsers severely limited. Not to mention the 28k dial-up modems that made every foray into the information super highway positively glacial.

But stone age technology, tooth-grinding dial-up speeds and a passion for spinning 3D logos gradually gave way to refined, effective and beautiful on-screen results.

Multi-disciplined design

Today, Nick and his team are as happy in their work as ever. There are so many facets to website and graphic design that often each discipline requires a different specialist (front-end design, PHP coding, CSS coding etc for website design; image manipulation, layout software knowledge and pre-press preparation etc for graphic design). But we love to be challenged – so we have the capability to take care of everything in-house.

Passionate about graphic and web design

This means that a client will always speak to the same person over the duration of a project, safe in the knowledge that the job will be done expertly, creatively and with genuine passion*.
*I promised myself that I’d try to write a page without using the word passion… failed.

If you’d like to become part of our story, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Call 01590 679490 or contact us via our enquiry form by clicking the button below. We’d love to hear from you.

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