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When developing a new logo design, we take into consideration a company’s USP (unique selling proposition), prospective clients and any preconceived ideas or preferences that may exist. We then get to work on a unique and memorable logo design that will endure. We’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the results.

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The Logo Design Process

We begin the logo design process by collating information gleaned from several sources. These may include a creative brief, existing marketing material, ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ of our client as well as colour and typographical preferences.

We use this information to sketch out several rough ideas and concepts. The designs that have potential are worked up into a rendered visual for consideration.

Austin McLean Logo Design Initial Scamps

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Concept Development

Austin McLean Logo Design Concept Development

We continue the artworking process until we’re ready to supply initial visuals for consideration. If appropriate, we’ll include suggestions of how the logo designs might appear in existing or newly created marketing material or stationery. Based on the feedback we receive, we refine, alter or replace the supplied designs and continue this process of submission and feedback until our client is completely satisfied with the result.

Final Logo Creation

There are a number of ways to render the final design. More often than not, the logo is created with the help of an illustration application (such as Adobe Illustrator). However, we also use more traditional illustration and art-working techniques if the brief or proposed design requires it.

When a final logo design has been selected, we create as many variations of the logo as are required for use in different circumstances (such as reversed options, monochromatic versions or alternative orientations).

Auston & McLean Final Logo Design

Stationery Design

The design of a suite of stationery around the newly developed identity is the next step in the development of a consistent look and feel for the brand. Whilst a typical suite of stationery might include a letterhead, business card and compliment slip, any number of other branded items can be included in the suite, such as envelopes, change-of-address cards, presentation folders and promotional items.

Brand Guidelines

Rules that guide the use of the logo in different scenarios as well as associated colours and typography are laid out in a simple-to-use document. This ensures that no matter which designer creates an asset for print or screen, it is consistent with every other element of design in the marketing stable.

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