Solent Kitchen
Logo Design, Stationery Design

The catering arm of the Sands2 Sandwich Bar in Bournemouth, Solent Kitchen is a bespoke catering and events company.

A branding brief called for a monochromatic, simple logo that instantly conveyed the services on offer. Tinstar’s role was to design a new logo and suite of stationery to a short deadline.

As with all branding projects, we started by creating a ‘mind map’ which helped to spark ideas based on some of the key words gleaned from an initial meeting and brief. From these ideas we sketched a range of thumbnails – some promising, some OK and some downright awful. It’s a very cathartic process!

Only a select few are developed into presentable visuals for the client’s consideration. More often than not, one of these will be further refined into a finished design. It is very rare that we have to (literally) go back to the drawing board.

In any event, the end result is only reached when the client is 100% happy.

Solent Kitchen initial logo concept sketches

Solent Kitchen logo concept sketches. We always start by using a 'mind map' to spark ideas, followed by many, varied sketches.

Solent Kitchen logo variations

As the proofing stages progress, the final design starts to take shape. Only a select few of the initial ideas are presented to the client, depending on which we feel are closest to hitting the mark.

Solent Kitchen Logo Design

Solent Kitchen Stationery Design

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