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A brand in need of development is like a jigsaw that has missing pieces – or some that belong to a completely different puzzle.

The best brands – the ones that really cut through and drive business – are the ones whose brand jigsaw pieces fit together beautifully.

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Inconsistent Branding

Avoid Inconsistent Branding

We get it, branding is tough. It’s easy to focus on the day to day and let the public image sort itself out. But that out-of-date marketing material, that spelling mistake on a poster, that website which doesn’t quite match the business cards: those things are your sales team.

Tinstar’s expertise and attention to detail will get everything sorted out and ready to rock.

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Complete the Puzzle

Branding jigsaw complete

Your brand lives in your logo, photography, website, social media graphics, brochures and so on – anywhere your company does business. It’s also in the rules you make for how your graphics can be used. It can be complicated, but we’re experts in this stuff and we’re here to help.

Tinstar Design will work with you to make your branding jigsaw. We’ll tie everything together into a consistent, cohesive, appealing brand that’s simple to use and looks amazing.

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Invaluable Creative Resource

We have worked with Tinstar Design for over five years and they have proved an invaluable creative resource to help develop our business and craft the visual aesthetic for which we are now widely recognised and respected. We would not hesitate to recommend Tinstar Design to any company seeking to improve and enhance their visual communications.

Stewart Mechem, Coastal Gallery

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