Ocean Yacht Systems (OYS)
Logo Design, Website Design

It’s essential for us to familiarise ourselves with our clients’ products or services as much as possible prior to commencing work on a project. In the case of OYS, this entailed a trip down to the OYS facility at Bournemouth Airport.

The scale of some of the OYS projects has to be seen to be believed. A warehouse full of beautifully precision engineered thruster units, vast hydraulic rams, and rigging systems awaited our boggling eyes.

With so many varying and bespoke products comes a filing cabinet full of specification sheets. In addition to a new logo for the company, a clean, simple-to-use website was also required in order to get the right spec sheet to the right customer.

The result is a website divided categorically into three distinct sections – Architectural & Marine Rigging, Thrusters and Hydraulics. Straight from the home page a visitor can drill down into a specific, niche product with ease – and with very few clicks.

OYS Website Design

OYS simple logo guidelines and information

OYS Logo Design

The new OYS logo working hard in the foyer

The new OYS logo working hard in the foyer

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…They are a highly professional team. They take client ideas and transform them into reality. When it comes to websites, they listen and use their experience and knowledge to clearly communicate the best options available and why. I have no hesitation in recommending Tinstar Design.

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