Royal Lymington Yacht Club Annual Magazine

Another gem that makes itself well known in the studio each year is the Royal Lymington Yacht Club‘s annual magazine, the Pottership.

Organised and written voluntarily by members of the club, the magazine summarises events and activities throughout the year and is handed to existing and prospective members to encourage them to get involved – and even put pen to paper whilst on the water…

The glossy soft cover of the magazine paired with a sleek, silk interior stock results in a high-end coffee table style publication that can easily make itself at home aboard the most luxurious yacht, or safely in your home on dry land.

This is one of a number of annual magazines created by Tinstar Design each year; check out the Durlstonian for another example of a bespoke graphic design project.

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Pottership Magazine Design pottership-2016-cover pottership-2016-pontoons pottership-2016-cowes-classic pottership-2016-javelin pottership-2016-cruise