Ad Design

Lowrance is probably best known as the creator of the ‘Little Green Box’, a portable sonar unit invented in 1959. Personally, I’ll always associate Lowrance with the brand on Hooper’s fish finder aboard the Orca in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws… very cool.

We were thrilled to be asked to design a series of adverts for Lowrance, still a leader in marine electronics. The ads were designed to bring attention to the fact that the company was one of the first in the business – and that it was the natural heir to older technology.

The results (below) were two display adverts featuring the amalgamated words: innovationavigation and evolutionavigation. The first focussed on the innovative nature of the company and the landmarks in its product line, beginning with the Little Green Box. The second was more about navigation – its beginnings (represented by a sextant) and subsequent evolution into the advance electronic units available today.

Tinstar was subsequently asked to help with the design of the new American Lowrance website. Working with the Navico offices in both Hampshire (UK) and Texas (US), we created visual templates for the site framework, navigation and pages, which were developed by Navico into the working website.

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