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Robert Johnson is a long-haul British Airways pilot who brought his experiences alive for his own children by telling stories about the places he had been and sights he had seen.

These stories were made particularly special by the characters that Robert invented; Pilot Ollie and Pilot Polly. They were so well received that he self-published a range of titles and has had considerable success selling them to children worldwide.
Tinstar Design was approached by Robert’s company, Plane Characters Ltd, to create a fun website to further promote this exciting series of children’s books.

As well as a place to buy the books, the site offers a bio for all of the characters that appear in the stories as well as printable colouring-in illustrations and news about forthcoming titles.

“As for the main site I think it looks great. Really clear layout. Nice and vibrant colours, user friendly and I really like the character profiles and colouring in download options.”
PR Manager at British Airways

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