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Is your website up-to-date? Things have moved on quite a bit since the days of revolving 3D logos and Flash…

Responsive (mobile friendly) website frameworks, CSS3 features for modern browsers and social network integration are just a few of the recent developments in website development that can leave older sites standing.

Taking advantage of new standards and advances in web design, Tinstar can refresh your website, implementing whatever features are required to attract new customers. If your site already ranks well with Google, we’ll ensure that search engines don’t lose any pages from their index and are redirected to corresponding new web pages. We design with the end-user in mind, creating an intuitive, attractive interface – and we’ll ensure that your website is mobile friendly so that smartphone users don’t miss out.

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Not sure where to begin? Want to know how much it’ll cost? Just give us a call on 01590 679490 and we’ll answer all your questions – or contact us here about our web design services. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Startup website design

Startup Website Design

If you’ve just realised that your new business has everything in place except a website and you’ve got no time to sort it out, or if you're getting tired of making excuses to clients about your web design from the late 1990s, then stress no more. We're easy to talk to and the whole process is simple and painless.

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Content Managed Website Design Services

Content Managed Website Design

A content managed website is one that can be remotely updated by any designated administrator. If you’ll be making changes or adding to your website several times a month or more, then a content management system will be more cost effective than a static website - and very easy to work with.

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E-Commerce Website Design Services

E-Commerce Website Design

The transition from selling offline to selling online via an e-commerce website is an exciting prospect. There is no single ‘e-commerce option’, just as there is no single, generic website design for every business. The requirements for each business differs from the next - so websites need to be customised accordingly.

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Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Whether your website is a simple static online brochure, or a dynamically driven, content managed shopping experience, we can offer all the technologies required to get you up and running.

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