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Robert Bolwell CaracatureSenior Partner of Dutton Gregory Solicitors, Robert Bolwell, is a man in great demand. An entertaining and informative public speaker, he is regularly invited to speak at landlord & tenant conferences, such as ARLA’s Conference and Exhibition in April 2019.

Amongst the weaponry in Robert’s arsenal when public speaking are his props – and in this case, an animated Snakes & Ladders presentation. Tinstar was asked to design everything from the game board to the illustrated pieces – caricatures of Robert and co-speaker and DG Partner, Gina Peters.

An entire working game was devised that would take each speaker through a series of slides depending on which predetermined square they landed on. Naturally there had to be a winner – well done Gina.

The presentation that ran on giant screens behind the speakers was an example of how Powerpoint can be stretched beyond simple slide transitions and bullet points.

Getting the gameplay to work so that all slides were made available whilst the players veered up ladders and down snakes was a challenge – but that’s the way we like it!

Tinstar always manages to take our nebulous concepts and turn them into something not only tangible, but something which our client base understands and can identify with.

Mr Rob Bolwell

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