Grey Wolf Voyage Home
Website Design

In 2014, the incredible FPB 64 yacht, Grey Wolf, embarked on an epic voyage from Auckland (New Zealand) to Guernsey. These boats have a phenomenal range and were designed for long distance cruising.

The website that the FPB broker (Berthon) commissioned Tinstar to create was designed to allow visitors to track the progress of Grey Wolf, which would be carrying Berthon apprentices along the way.

Grey Wolf’s successor, Grey Wolf II, embarked on further adventures – with Berthon apprentices aboard once again. Starting in Mangareva, French Polynesia – her first port of call was Chile, as she made her way to the cold of the Antarctic.

Tinstar’s original ‘Voyage Home’ website was integrated into a simple content managed website for the Further Adventures. The site blog was updated by the crew of Grey Work II as she picked her way across the globe.

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