Charlie Herring Wine Website

A once abandoned 19th century kitchen garden in Lymington provides a fantastic environment for Charlie Herring’s Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc vines. Gravel soils, a maritime climate and the thermal properties of the walls enable vines to thrive in this mini vineyard.

A beautiful illustration had been created for Charlie Herring prior to Tinstar’s involvement – and it was our task to design a simple website based around the illustration. Hopefully we did it justice!

Tinstar also created a specialist bottle wrap, again featuring the watercolour. The client’s logo appears on the outside – but when the bottle is unwrapped, the full illustration is revealed.

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Charlie Herring Wine Website Design Charlie Herring Wine Website Charlie Herring Wine Bottle Wrap Illustration Charlie Herring Wine Bottle Wrap Tim Phillips of Charlie Herring with a lovely pair