Londesborough House Golfing Adventure

It’s not often that we get out and about for a little team building, but the departure of Chris from Londesborough House demanded that we give him a decent send-off by taking him to the Walhampton Adventure Golf course.

So late one Friday afternoon, we prepared for an hour’s enjoyment on the greens – only to take 2.5 hours to get round. There were two holes-in-one – one by the appropriately dressed Phill Brown (on the first hole) and one by Mark Allen of New Forest Online. They were very pleased with themselves. Phill ended up coming flat last and Mark went onto win by a single stroke. I was robbed.

It was all great fun and rounded off with a couple of pints in the Angel – highly recommended!

Walhampton Adventure Golf

Phill came last after a spectacular hole-in-one on the first hole.

Londesborough House Golfing Adventure

Mark riding a deer to get a better angle

Londesborough House Golfing Adventure

Sizing up the green

Idiot Golfing

Phill preparing to play though the other golfers

Checking the line

Checking the line like a pro – with Argyle socks.

Playing golf

Phil, Matt and Chris waiting for Phill


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